Regional Program Overview

Girls’ Regional Teams are either an ideal starting point for elementary, middle school, and high school players looking to get started with club volleyball or for advanced high school athletes not quite ready to travel overnight. Practices are spent working on individual skills with an emphasis on team play in a fun, positive environment. Regional teams compete against other regional-based club programs at competitive events and do not travel overnight.


  • Competitive – we have a burning desire to win, persevering through obstacles, having a laser focus and are resilient.
  • Heart- we are compassionate, empathetic and kind
  • Inspiring – we are bold and have the fortitude and courage to push through fears, and take a stand on what we believe.
  • Confident – we are capable of whatever we put our minds to
  • Integrity – we are loyal, honest, and respectful 
  • Teamwork – we are working together towards a common goal
  • YOUwe take pride in who we are on the court and off

Our Mission #

Our Mission is to empower and grow confidence in young female athletes through the sport of volleyball. We are committed to fostering a culture of compassion, integrity, and unity so that our athletes will thrive on and off of the court. We encourage our athletes to be fearless and limitless in their pursuit of themselves into greatness, all while providing them with the tools and support they need to achieve their goals, whether it be collegiate, scholastic or just the basic fundamental growth in the sport we love. 

Our Vision #

To develop not only great volleyball players, but also great people who will make a positive impact in their communities by developing confident leaders who embody resilience, discipline, and a commitment to success. Together, we aspire to be one of the best clubs in the Midwest, create lasting memories, and leave a legacy in the world of girls’ club volleyball.


These numbers are projections. We ARE prepared to expand or contract based on the quality of our tryout.  We anticipate the following teams for the 2023-24 season:

  • 10 & Under: 101 Regional
  • 11 & Under: 111 Regional, 112 Regional
  • 12 & Under: 121 Regional, 122 Regional
  • 13 & Under: 131 Regional, 132 Regional
  • 14 & Under: 141 Regional, 142 Regional
  • 15 & Under: 151 Regional, 152 Regional
  • 16 & Under: 161 Regional, 162 Regional


  • Season Length: December thru late March (Tournaments Begin in January)
  • Practices/Week: 2 (Mon/Wed -or- Wed/Fri … see pg. 3 for details)
  • Regional Tournament Schedule
  • Position Training Included for U14-U16 (12 and under will train in all positions)
  • Whole Athlete Training Program featuring mental training, nutrition tips, and recovery techniques
  • UnderArmour Uniform Package


Chi City Volleyball takes a standard approach to building rosters for our Girls’ Regional Program.  Rosters will include:

  • 2 Setters
  • 1-2  Liberos
  • 4 Pin Players (Outsides & Opposites)
  • 2-3 Middle Blockers

We will use 5-1, 4-2, 6-2 offensive systems and standard substitution rules that are available in the USAV/AAU club volleyball rules.  Playing time will be less competitive in the Regional Program.  Coaches’ will make all reasonable attempts to use all players during tournament days.


The following outlines each of the features of the Regional Program.  These are the “comparables” that players will use to evaluate their club program choices each season.

Experienced, Professionally Trained Coaching Staff #

Each of our Head Coaches in the Regional Program will have a minimum of 1 year of club, college or high school coaching experience and will be a minimum of 19 years old.  Most have MUCH more than that.  In addition, our coaches will undergo background screenings, First Aid training, and Positive Coaching Alliance certification.  On the court, our coaches will participate in LOVB’s internal development program including mindset training. This will be led by National Directors Jenny McDowell and Courtney Thompson.  Jenny is a 2-time NCAA National Champion and Courtney is 2-time Olympic Medalist. 

2 Practices/Week #

2 Team practices/week will be held throughout the season.  Team Practices are run and designed by the Technical Director.  Our Technical Director will “run the gym” and ensure that every player and team is following our Regional Program training curriculum.  

Typical Practice Plan for “Team” Practice #

U13-U10 Regional (2 hours)U16-U14 Regional (2 hours)
10 min   Pre-Practice Footwork/Warm-Up
10 min   Ball Control
20 min   Serve & Pass
20 min   Position Training (Technical)
30 min   Team System Work (Sideout or Transition)
30 min   Scrimmage/Wash Drills
10 min   Pre-Practice Footwork/Warm-Up
10 min   Ball Control
20 min   Serve & Pass
20 min   Position Training (Technical)
30 min   Team System Work (Sideout or Transition)
30 min   Scrimmage/Wash Drills

Important Events/Breaks #

Nov 13th
Week of Nov 27th
Dec 25th-Jan 1st
Jan 6th-7th
Season Kick-Off Meeting
First Week of Practice
Holiday Break
Tournament Play Begins


Below is a TENTATIVE Tournament Schedule.  All events should be considered tentative until teams have been formed and entries submitted and accepted. League entered will depend on the individual teams competitive scenario and age.

CVL OR WCPL January – March TBATBD
Season Ending EventEnd of March TBD

2023-2024 DUES & FEES #

Below are the dues and fees for the 2023-24  WINTER Season.  Also, you will see both the Extended and Standard Payment Plans which families can choose from when registering for the season.

U10-U12 WINTER SEASON DUES – $1300 #

Standard Plan
$500 – Acceptance Fee
$400 – November 15th
$400 – December 15th

U13-14 WINTER SEASON DUES – $1500 #

Extended Payment PlanStandard Plan
$500 – Acceptance Fee
$400 – November 15th
$300 – December 15th
$300 – January 15th
$500 – Acceptance Fee
$500 – November 15th
$500 – December 15th

U15-16 WINTER SEASON DUES – $1700 #

Extended Payment PlanStandard Plan
$500 – Acceptance Fee
$400 – November 15th
$400 – December 15th
$400 – January 15th
$500 – Acceptance Fee
$600 – November 15th
$600 – December 15th


  • ALL Court Rental, Technical Director, and Coaches’ Fees
  • ALL Practices/Training Sessions
  • ALL Position Training
  • ALL Tournament Entry Fees 
  • Molten Ball
  • ACH/Bank Transfer Processing Fees Included (Credit Card Processing is an additional fee of 3.0% + 0.30)


  • REGIONAL Under Armour Uniform Package
    Cost: $230-$270
    Includes: 2 Jerseys, 2 Spandex, 2 Practice Shirts, Warm-Up Hoodie


Chi City VBC will be utilizing Playmetrics to handle our payment processing for dues and fees throughout the season that will ease the burden of staying on top of your fees.

  • Standard Payment Plans in installments
  • Pay online by ACH (Free), Debit or Credit Card
  • Cash and check payments are accepted offline (only if approved).
  • Set it and forget it! Once you set your payment types your accounts will automatically be billed on the Payment Plan due dates throughout the season..
  • Reminders and receipts … you will receive automatic reminders and receipts throughout the season.  Handy for financial tracking and to ensure your chosen payment account is ready.
  • Unique user dashboard to track your activity throughout the season.

Need a Custom Payment Plan?  Submit an application at any point during the season to create a custom payment plan for your family by emailing


  • Click the “My Account” button on our website (or visit PlayMetrics by clicking the link in your Offer Email). 
  • Register for an account and select your program and enter your debit/credit card or bank account. 
  • PlayMetrics will automatically charge your account on the date(s) presented (no need to login monthly to pay). 


Email Jamie @ or Jason @

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